Cooking Dash 2016 Tips, Cheats and Strategies (by Tom Christiansen on 06-22-15)

Common Tricks

  • Swipe multiple tips instead of just tapping single tips for a bigger coin bonus
  • Use Super Customers (Double Coins) Prep Kitchen Recipes in an episode that match the customers who appear most often in that episode to maximize coins earned and star rating
  • Using Happy Hour VIPs add one more VIP customer and 3 more customers which has the same order as the first three ones!
  • Replay an episode often to get the exact respective orders so you can well-prepare.
  • Serve dishes and then drink can save a bit of time.


  • Always watch ads. This provides 8GoldGold/day.
  • Do the daily challenge. This provides 3GoldGold/day.
  • Try to complete episodes with 5 stars to get bonuses which may contain Gold. Any Episode 15 gives a lot of Gold.
  • Try to complete Trophies but without requesting to upgrade or buy anything that costs much Gold.
  • VIPs can also drop Gold, but with low/medium chance depending on their boosts' value.
  • Compete Trial of Style and Spin all the Wheels you got.


  • You must complete all seasons and episodes in any venue you unlock before you continue on unlocking another. Doing so will get precious Golden Saucers which can save your time preparing Prep Recipes.
  • Order: Table Steaks, Taco Train, Adventurous Eats, Metal Chef: Italian, Cutie Cakes, Barnyard BBQ, Enso Sushi, Caveman Paleo, Out 'N' Inning, Medieval Dines, Wonderland Delights, Pieces of Ate, Cat Lady Crepes. When you complete all of those venues, you can freely choose any other venue for your favorite.
  • Remember that some venues like Chateau Creep, Country Fried Cabin, K-Pop Kitchen have some limited-time trophies which force you to use Recipes with Level XPXP50 above.


  • Fast Flo is one of the best boosts for starters. Remember to use it often when you can't serve all customers.
  • Consider preparing Auto Chef despite it taking 2 days. It does not only give you tons of coins, but also gives free Auto Chef for an episode, which can be a saver!
  • VIPs can also drop Gold, so remember to use them if you are run out of Gold.
  • If you serve all customers but still does not get 5 stars, pick the venue's Happy Hour to get extra coins.