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Q: I forgot how to make this dish, how can I find out how again?

Anytime you need a reminder or refresher on how to make an order being requested by a customer, simply tap-and-hold their order bubble. This will bring up a tutorial screen showing the exact order (from left to right) of steps needed to successfully create the dish being ordered. This window disappears once you let go of your finger - so have your next moves planned before dismissing it!

Q: How do I purchase an Auto-Chef? Is it offered again?

The Auto Chefs can be purchased for gold by visiting the shop in each Studio. The amount of gold needed varies. They can also be won as the jackpot prize in Auto Chef Mystery Boxes found in every Studio. Opening an Auto Chef Mystery Box costs 6 gold.

Q: How do I find the Peanuts Prep Recipe in Barnyard BBQ?

First, head on over to the Barnyard BBQ Studio and choose the episode you want to play. Next, tap on one of your available Prep Recipe Stock Slots to bring up a list of available Prep Recipes. Scroll to the very top of the Prep Recipe list and you will see Peanuts available for 2 gold.